Tenant Screening

How We Pick Quality Tenants

Proof of ID
 Proof of Income
 Credit Report
Criminal Check
Sex Offender Check
Child Support Check
Landlord References
Pet Check
Housekeeping Check
Eviction Check


Our track record for tenant selection is impeccable The tenants we carefully select
usually stay longer and cause minimal damage to units. The only time a bad tenant
slips through the grip of our screening net is due to circumstances beyond the
reach of our due diligence.

. Tenant loses job

. Tenant becomes drug addict

. Tenant admitted into mental institution

. Tenant gets incarcerated

. Tenant dies

Unfortunately, there is no screening process to predict when any of the above
events will happen. In good conscience. RKR cannot be held accountable when
one of these events does occur. These unpredictable events are beyond the scope
and reach of any background check we can conduct. We can only look at the past
and present history of a tenant not their future
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