NO FEE Tenant Placement

Looking for a Quality Tenant?

We do not charge landlords a fee to place our highly qualified & well screened cash paying or government subsidized tenants in their rental units.

Large Pool of Qualified “On Time”Cash Paying Tenants

Our agents are seasoned  property  managers  with  an  internal  database  of  quality  career oriented well educated gainfully employed tenants. This list is compiled by networking with Human Resource Departments of major hospitals,  nursing  agencies,  law enforcement agencies (Police & Corrections Officers) local schools & fire departments, military organizations and Trade Unions. All of our tenants are financially and morally checked out. We conduct credit and criminal checks, confirm income, proof of valid ID, landlord references & verify cleanliness. This thorough screening process helps you avoid scam artist tenants who prey on landlords with fabricated stories and false documentation. 

If You are a Landlord that does section 8 housing

Our agents are government housing specialists with an internal database of quality gainfully employed “working” Section 8 tenants. This list is updated monthly and compiled by networking with social workers, caseworkers and inspectors from various housing agencies and military organizations.

Additionally, RKR owns a national section 8 porting website ( that attracts relocating tenants from all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and the Mariana Islands. This increased exposure helps landlords quickly find an abundance of quality tenants for their government subsidized rentals.

If You are a Landlord looking for Property Management

If you’re looking to relocate for retirement, health or job reasons, our RKR members have the right qualifications and credentials to protect and manage your rental properties. Borders Book Proves Experience

If You are a Landlord looking to sell your Rental

When it is time to “cash-out” of your investment our team has access to qualified buyers  (approved mortgage in hand)that are ready, able and willing to buy your rental for top dollar. 

If you’re a landlord looking for a quality cash paying or government sponsored tenant please contact us so  we can review your predetermined tenant standards & view your rental and see if it is a right fit for our well screened tenants.

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